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ACSO Recruitment and Hiring Policy

The goal of every Ohio law enforcement agency is to recruit and hire qualified individuals while providing equal employment opportunity. Ohio law enforcement agencies should consist of a diverse workforce. Communities with diverse populations should strive to have a diverse work force that reflects the citizens served.

Non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity is the policy. Law enforcement agencies shall provide equal terms and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran status, military status or disability. This applies to all terms or conditions associated with the employment process, including hiring, promotions, terminations, discipline, performance evaluations and interviews.

Agencies should utilize due diligence in ensuring that their prospective employees have the proper temperament, knowledge and attitude to handle this very difficult job. Agencies should have appropriate mechanisms in place in order to achieve this mission. Further, agencies should ensure their employment requirements are related to the skills that are necessary to be a successful employee.

Please click the following link for the complete

  ACSO Employee Recruitment / Hiring SOP

Current Opportunities

Part Time

    Communications Officer




Job Description* - Answer phones, communicate over radio and other means, enter computer

data in a fast paced and often highly stressfull environement. Good hearing, vision and

communications skills are required. You will be required to undergo a training program and

show improved proficency over time. Applicants must pass the Interview process, a complete    background investigation, a computerized voice stress analysis, a psychological examination, a dispatch proficiency test, a drug screening and have no more than 6 points on a valid Drivers License.

If you are interested please submit an Employment Application (link below) to CPT Hamilton


Full Time

           None at this time




**   All applicants must pass the interview process, a complete background investigation, a computerized voice stress analysis, **

a psychological examination and a drug screening. Dispatchers must also pass a dispatch proficiency test.


Employment Application Forms

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